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Plastic Moving Box Pros

A plastic moving box gives you a lot more peace of mind when it comes to moving fragile items thanks to their hard outer shell. In addition, it is far safer and easier to stack plastic boxes on top of one another. You can also rest assured that heavier packed plastic boxes will not let items burst out of the bottom the way some cardboard boxes are prone to do. If you plan on storing items for an extended period of time before or after you move, you will definitely want to use plastic boxes. They are completely water resistant, and they do not attract bugs or other unwanted pests such as silverfish. Finally, if you are looking to complete your move in a short time span, you may want to use plastic boxes that don’t need to be sealed with tape, reopened using a box cutter, or flattened down for recycling. Simply empty the box and stack it back in the truck to be sent back to the movers.

Ecobox will drop off your boxes for you, with all labels, then pick them up for you when you're finished with them.  Simple. Done!