Ecobox Covid-19 update

We’re Here to Help during COVID-19

Due to the recent progression of COVID‑19, I wanted to reach out to you directly to say that Ecobox is here to help. The health and safety of our employees, clients and their families are our top priority. Proper cleaning and sterilization of boxes has always been an important consideration for the Ecobox team; every box is vacuumed then washed with disinfectant soap and water. As part of our COVID-19 response, The following policies will be implemented immediately.

  • All boxes will be subject to a 5 day hold after cleaning. Studies show the virus can live up to 2-3 days on plastic.
  • All deliveries will now be contactless. We will bring the boxes to your door/garage/or patio. Drivers will be respecting the 2m suggestions from authorities.
  • C.O.D will no longer be offered, but we have expanded our electronic payment options to include email transfer and online invoicing.
  • Signatures will not be required.
  • For Pickups please leave ecobox’s outside your door, we will contact the client with a time for when we will be coming.

Please visit our COVID-19 FAQ’s page for more information: COVID-19 FAQ

We are not sure how long this will last but we are here, we are listening, and we are ready to help.

Be safe out there.
The ecobox Team!

Happy Customers
Everything went very well.  We had just enough boxes and the company was very easy to deal with.  Communication was excellent which always helps!

Ryan Costain

Ecobox was the smartest move I have ever done. Organized, convenient - I will never go back to cardboard boxes again. Clayton is the BEST!!

Kendra Wilks

Our company was renovating our offices and we needed moving boxes to pack up employee desk space and testing equipment. I was able to rent the number of boxes we needed, book drop off and pick up date as well as pay for the service through the ecobox website. It was seamless! We would not hesitate to contract ecobox services again in the future.

Francine Taylor-Gobeil - Signalcraft Tecnologies Inc.

The use of Eco boxes was a huge improvement over traditional cardboard boxes. I can't imagine making another move without Eco box. The service was helpful and friendly and I highly recommend Eco box

Ken Axelson

If you don't use this service, you are a FOOL! easy, convenient, and economic. I am very glad I found them through google. Thank you, V

Veronica Lopez Matheu

Excellent service, the boxes made the move a lot easier than when using regular cardboard. Dropoff and pickup made it very convenient. Thanks for helping with my move.

Kevin D'Arcy

The folks at eco box were very friendly, professional and bent over backwards to make sure our move went smooth. These boxes are the way to go. Very durable and cheaper than cardboard boxes

Jason Wega

Ecobox is amazing - super easy, seamless process! I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone, and I will be a repeat customer for my next move. Staff was extremely friendly and were flexible enough to work with my schedule. Thank you, Clayton!

Lindsay Mowat

My client was very happy with the service and as my first time packing into them I thought they were great. Excellent idea.

Louise Hopkin

I have recommended EcoBox to all my friends. So convenient and sturdy. Easy to move and stack! Would use them again, in a heartbeat!

Debra Walker

Very easy to organize, with excellent service.

Tom Banks

Great, prompt service.

Rick Triebwasser

You guys were able to drop off with super short notice which I really appreciated, boxes were clean and worked perfect for what I wanted, saved me tons of money compared to buying cardboard, tape, etc., pickup was easy and the service was excellent. I will definitely use this service again and promote it as much as I can. Thanks!

Annie Mcdonald

I love ecobox! I don't need to find my own boxes, I don't need to worry about getting rid of boxes, and I love the way these stack, both empty and full. Makes moves so much easier. The drop off and pick up service is also great, because it's one less thing for me to worry about during a move. Worth every cent!

Darcy Callihoo

Experience was great. Easy to arrange dropoff and pickup times and friendly service. Boxes themselves are very efficient for packing. The sturdy construction alleviates any worry of crushing boxes that may occur with cardboard. The design also allows for efficient stacking to optimize usage of space in a moving truck or trailer.

John Murray

I loved using ecobox for my recent move. The boxes hold lots. Drop off and pick up was prompt. I have been telling my friends about ecobox. I would use them again for sure.

Rachel Jensen

Service was perfect, delivery and pick-ups were accurate and convenient, and booking was a snap.

Chelsea Kwok - RNDSQR Homes

Loved it! Boxes were fantastic and the outstanding service of delivery and pick up topped it all! Thank you!

Ashley Gant


Kevin Hengstler


Bev Lockett

Perfect. Feel free to use me as reference

Kevin Hengstler

I've used Eco boxes a number of times now and I love the convenience

Sheila Pare

Ecobox was very convenient, super handy that they deliver and pick up and Clayton was great at confirming timing beforehand via text. The boxes are very durable and waterproof for when the weather doesn't cooperate! Highly recommended for any future move, I would absolutely go with them again!

Deborah Gaffney


Morgen Zoeller

I love it! What a GREAT service. Recommending to my friends!

Carolyn Zelt

Really takes one major headache out of the moving process. Would absolutely recommend to anyone. Thanks again.

Travis Munroe


Wayne Brown


Zoe Bun

Excellent Service

Elizabeth Chiazzese

It made my move so much easier! The people at ecobox are so nice. Would definitely recommend this service.

Sam Begelfor

Everything was awesome. The boxes were amazing and it didn't matter how much we loaded into them they stacked well and we're super easy to manage. Clayton was fantastic when he dropped off the boxes, and made sure that we had exactly what we needed to finish our move quickly and efficiently. 10/10 will use the service again the next time we decide to move, and likely won't use cardboard at all due to the ease and obvious superiority of the EcoBox system.

Dan Roscoe

Comments? The boxes were very easy to use and the delivery guy was fantastic! Would definitely use again. How would you rate our service? Excellent

Amy Field

Excellent service. I loved the flexibility in booking the drop off and pick up, and Clayton was great at letting us know exactly when he'd be there. We found the blue boxes difficult to work with - they were nice to pack, but they were so large that getting them up and down hallways without banging walls. That's not the company's fault, just an observation following our experience.


I loved it! 2 friends have used Ecobox in the past and recommended you. Way better than cardboard, no assembly and no waste!

Joanna Clarke

Absolutely the easiest way to pack for your move. Amazing, friendly service!!

Kimberly Loraas

Very accommodating and friendly customer service. The bar has been set extremely high - I recommend Ecobox Calgary to every single person who moves. The product makes moving so much easier, and the guys are a pleasure to deal with.

John Smith

Loved this system - delivery and pick up were exactly when scheduled, the boxes were clean and easy to pack ... and no need to figure out what to do with the pile of cardboard at the end of the move. Would definitely use ecobox again.

Nicole Mitchell

It was fantastic. Probably the least stressful part of my move. The drop off and pick up were seamless. Excellent communication. I have already recommended your services to people i know. Thanks again!!

Jennifer Orobko

excellent service, great product, the only concern i had was when the boxes were dropped off that the fragrance of the cleaner/disinfectant used on the boxes, which at the time of delivery was quit strong, might permeate clothing, but that was not the case and the fragrance dissipated after a few days

Dana Robinson

Ecobox is amazing!! It made my move go so much smoother. The boxes are super clean, easy to stack and move and come in different sizes. Clay was very professional and wonderful to deal with. Thanks for everything!!

Linda Hunstad

Thanks Clayton. Very professional, prompt and the boxes were great.

Francis Donnachie

These guys are #1 when it comes to customer service. I definitely would use them again.

Ron Senger

Ecobox is an absolutely top notch service. Delivery & pickup were prompt and courteous (and I have to say we had really bad weather on both days the Ecobox team came). Boxes were really sturdy and clean. Made moving my elderly mother much easier than anticipated - and made sure she was unpacked in a timely fashion. I highly recommend Ecobox!!

Sherryl Jeffries

These boxes were a life saver. You feel so much better about your things being secured in a plastic box rather then cardboard. I will NEVER use anything else. Keeping everything organized and stalked neatly also makes the stress of moving go away! They are delivered to your door and picked up at the new location with ease. Definitely recommend adding the dolly to the order, made moving them into the house effortless. Worth every penny! Thanks Ecobox!

sondra comeau

Clayton was friendly and professional. The package he recommended was perfect for the size of our move. The boxes were clean (smelled like Lysol!), delivered and picked up on time. I would strongly recommend Ecobox and would use them again in a move!

Ariel Smith

very efficient service, as well as very convenient boxes for moving fast

Franklin Linares

It was fantastic. Personable, customer service was above and beyond since we ended up needing more boxes on moving day and when we called ecobox said it was not a problem. They brought more boxes to us later that afternoon and saved the day. The boxes were easy to use, packed well, moved well, and no worries about losing lids!! Thanks very much for such great service and the wonderful product. I can't imagine every moving again without using them!

Nicola Chappell

Thrilled with Ecobox. Amazing communication, I got email and text letting me know they were on their way. Quality product, the movers way preferred the tubs compared with cardboard - easy to carry and way more sturdy. Very professional - they even honoured a 10% off code AFTER I had already submitted my order! Highly recommend Ecobox.

Kat Yokom

They are just amazing service company. When I took boxes and they pick up them the delivery person was so nice and friendly. Actually before I choose eco box I touched other company. Because seem they has lower price than ecobox. But when I got delivery they were rude. So I canceled it and started looking for moving box company. Seems more expensive but it was not true. Free delivery and pick up so price was almost same as the others. When they pick up boxes I already scheduled but suddenly I have ask more time. They accept easy and made us feel free. If I move again,definitely I will take boxes at here again. Thank you Clayton. You are really awesome!!

Sora Jeung

Easy to use service, web forms allowed for easy selection of order drop and pick up times, the boxes themselves are sturdy and easy to use while moving.

Caitlin Lambe

Fantastic Service! Great Product! They came through at the 11th hours (and on a long weekend at that) when I needed more boxes than my original order! Way easier than having to buy cardboard boxes, and then deal with all the cardboard afterwards!

Shawn Botterill

Thanks, EcoBox for making my packing as smooth as possible. Using your plastic moving boxes is the only way to go and the other supplies you offer make things easier than ever. Great service and great prices - if I ever move again, you'll be getting the call :-)

Kevin D'Arcy

Renting ecoboxes was the best decision I have ever made relating to moving. The boxes were easy to pack and stack, saved not only time in not having to build and tape a cardboard box (or tear one down post-move) but saved on wear and tear on my hands! The sizes of the medium and large boxes were perfect for everything I had to pack and the estimator made it an easy guess at the number I needed. It was so helpful to also add on packing essentials!! Clayton was extremely courteous and helpful in drop-off and pick-up of the boxes.

Karen Stewart

The ordering process on the website was easy, they delivered at the specific time, the boxes are solid and easy to carry, and the pick them up at the specific time. Makes moving a little bit easier. Recommended

Russell Morrison

It was so great! The pick-up and drop off was so seamless, plus the boxes made moving so easy!!

Erin M Gellhaus

Smartest idea anyone ever thought of when moving. I didn’t have to look around for boxes and dispose of them later. Delivery and pickup was very convenient. These boxes stake so well. Their service was very professional and friendly. I would recommend this company to anyone.

Casey VandeSchoot

This was the best part of our move. The boxes were great, and the service was outstanding. Thank you very very much!!!!

Marica Cassis

Excellence Service and Friendly Staff! Very helpful bringing in the bins for me when dropping of...stellar customer service!

Sheena Wallis

This is the third time we have used them for a move (once for an office move and twice for a residential move) and it is the best option for boxing items in a move. The two sizes provide a lot of flexibility and utility in what can be packaged, allowing you to balance the size and weight of the load. Would use these in a heartbeat again if we had to.

Gene Wasylchuk

What an excellent service! Thank you, Clayton! This is the way to move - reusable and durable packing supplies! It is much more efficient than using cardboard boxes. And dropoff and pickup made it very convenient. I am highly recommending this service for your next move.

Challan Worthington

Thanks so much for helping make our move easier. Staff was so easy to work with and even helped us out on short notice when I realized I drastically underestimated the number of boxes we needed. I would use this service again in a heartbeat.

Shannon Clarke

Superb service; would highly recommend

Bev Lockett